Noise Flair Neckband: India’s first-ever touch neckband


Introducing noise flair neckband. In this article, I am going to give you my honest review of the latest launched noise neckband.

This neckband has come up with some great feature which no other noise headphones company is offering.

Guess what feature I am talking about?

Yes, you guess it right this noise flair neckband has got touch-sensitive buttons.

It is India's first-ever touch-sensitive buttons enabled noise headphones with a limited time offer.



The best thing about this wireless Bluetooth earphone is its current price, launch price of this neckband was Rs3,999. 

But you can buy this noise earphones at an offer price of Rs1799 for a limited period of time.

This neckband comes with metal mesh so there is no dust collection.

And if some dust collection takes place then you can easily wipe off that dust.


This noise headphones is very lightweight, its weight is only 35g. Making this earphone very comfortable.

The rubber used in this neckband is silicon rubber which is unbreakable.

The rubber used in these earbuds does not slip from the ears.

I personally used this neckband while running, during calls, bike riding.

I have used this earphone continuously for 7-8 hours and I don't find any discomfort.

The quality of this neckband is great when you put its glossy metallic finish in your hand it feels very premium.


Earbuds are magnetic in this neckband and when you put them closer they attach to each other and music automatically stops.

While if you reattach these earbuds from each other music automatically starts to play.

This feature of start and stop of music doesn't come properly in this price range in other Chinese company neckbands.

These noise earbuds are tangle-free just attach earbuds to each other, the music automatically stops, now you got a tangle-free neckband.

So overall you can say the build quality of this neckband is very premium you will have no issue with wires of this neckband for a longer duration.

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This earphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology (the latest one).

This latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides you an instant connection of neckband with your mobile device.

The connection of this device is quite impressive you can very easily operate this device up to a range of 10m.


This noise flair neckband also comes with dual pair technology. Dual pair technology allows switching music between two devices easily.

To switch between devices you just need to pause music on one device and play music on other devices. sony earphones might esay to connect.

Instantly music will switch between two devices. This technology is very helpful especially when you are working with two devices i.e. mobile and laptop.


Call Quality of this microphone is extremely great because here noise has used the dual microphone.

A dual microphone makes your voice properly audible to the person who is hearing your voice.

Noise Flair Neckband also comes with  Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC), which reduces outside noise.

Noise flair Bluetooth earphones also come with call vibration. So whenever a call comes you will get to know because call vibration is quite decent. there are many different company have good quality like- sony earphones.


This noise flair neckband comes with a 10mm driver which makes the sound quality of this neckband actually feel good.

You will be able to hear vocals very nicely and feel the bass.

Definitely, for the sound quality, this is a recommendable product.

Bass is good I have tested myself.

Lows and highs are great but mids are quite low.



If the price Noise Flair neckband remains the same i.e less than Rs2000 then this device has the best battery backup.

No other device in this price range is giving better battery backup than Noise Flair Wireless Bluetooth Earphone.

The company claims that this device is giving a battery backup of 35 hours.

I personally tested this device at 75% volume and this device has given me a battery backup of 31 hours, which is very impressive.

That means you will get 2 days of music playtime after one full charge.

Noise flair earphones come with ultrafast charging, this device offers 8hours of playtime after charging for just 8minutes.

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Q. How much time this neckband takes to get fully charged?

Ans. This neckband gets fully charged in just 40-45 minutes.


Touch sensor or touch control on a single tap you can play or pause the music.

Double-tap and the next music will start to play.

As well as you can end your call from double-tap touch controls.

On doing triple-tap you can go to previous music that you can also in sony earphones.

Touch control or touch sensor is very responsive.


Noise flair touch control neckband comes with low latency to sony earphones.

On testing, we found that the latency of the noise neckband is 90msec which is quite impressive.

Because 90msec comes under low latency so you can enjoy your game with this neckband.

Noise wireless Bluetooth neckband comes with IPX5 water resistivity.


As far as my opinion is concerned there is only one problem, i.e. you cannot control volume with a touch sensor.

Your reaction must be like thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

some buy likes-

CONCLUSION of Noise flair neckband

Brother and sister this neckband is giving you

Touch Control Sensor.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with instant connectivity.
  • IPX5 water resistivity.
  • Very lightweight just 35g.
  • Environmental noise cancellation.
  • 8 hours of playtime on charge for just 8 minutes.
  • Dual mic system.
  • Magnetic power controls-Magnetic earbud when separated or attached act as a magnetic switch.
  • Call vibration alert.
  • Great sound quality.

What else do you want?

I know if a Chinese company gives us all these specifications they charge around Rs2200-Rs2600. 

But Indian company is giving us all these specifications for just Rs1800.

I think it is a good deal.

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