Best wireless earphones under 3000 in India 2021

Today I am going to give a review of Best Wireless Earphones under 3000 in India,

After reading this article you will not need any further research, you will get tried and tested Best Bluetooth earphones in India.

We have identified these earphones after testing manually more than 200+ Best wireless earphones under 3000.

After reading this article you will get to know which earphone is Best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 (neckband) and is best suitable for you.

Even Rajat was able to buy his Best Wireless Earphones under 3000 after reading this article and is satisfied because he got the best value for his money.

Are you confused about whether you should buy TWS or Neckband?

Here is the reason why people prefer a neckband.


Small True Wireless Stereo (TWS)can drop and be lost anywhere.

While running you might drop them and damage them by mistake.

They are very small in size that's why their battery backup is not so good.

If you need good battery backup you need to buy a very expensive TWS, unlike Neckband.

Majority of time they have to be kept in a case for charging because their battery life is not so good.

That's why I prefer a neckband over TWS(True Wireless Stereo).

Hence I am here with a review of the Best Bluetooth earphones in India.

Every one of them is tried and tested.

We don't believe in what earphone companies are promising.

We only believe after testing them actually.

This is how we created the list here is the list of Best Wireless Earphones under 3000.

Here is a review of the Best Wireless Earphone under 3000 in In India

  • This earphone comes with a plastic polycarbonate body.
  • Drivers are 9mm in size.
  • Durability will be good.


  • The earphone comes with a large battery so the earphone 
  • performs very well in terms of battery life.
  • Gives a playback time of 20hours.
  • The earphone does not come with fast charging.

Build quality

  • Earphone cable is made of polycarbonate plastic(special type plastic)
  • Earphone cable is not sticky like cheap earphone cable.
  • The neckband is very much flexible.
  • Sony wic400 is lightweight.
  • The earphone comes with two stoppers to adjust cable length.


  • Sony is known for its very good audio quality, this thing is applicable for Sony c400 also.
  • The sound quality is balanced.
  • It's base and its bass or low ends are a little high, which I personally like very much.


  • Comes with Bluetooth version 4.2.
  • This earphone comes with NFC. (Near Field Communication Bluetooth )

Note: After release of some more good quality earphone which pass in our manual testing we will remove Sony WI C400 from list of BEST WIRELESS EARPHONES UNDER 3000.



  • NFC support.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Great battery life after charging once fully you don't need to recharge for a wee  


  • Water-resistant is not good.
  • Earbuds not magnetic.
  • Charging time is very much(3 hours).
  • Doesn't provide LDAC support. (In LDAC support sound frequency is high so voice quality goes to another level.
  • Too expensive.

Friends, we all like music.

So to enjoy music with the high-quality sound we need Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z earphones.

Let us review how is the music experience, build quality, and overall quality of Oneplus

Bullets Wireless Z (base edition).

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z was already the most popular wireless earphone. It was one of the Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000.

But that earphone had some problems with the bass. The Bass of that earphone was not that strong.

Oneplus got the information about bass so Oneplus improved that previous version and launched the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z (Bass edition) with improved bass.

Hence this earphone is one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 in India.

I manually tested this earphone and the sound quality is best in class.

After reading many many reviews also I found that this is so good that I was compelled to put this earphone in the list of Best Earphone Under 3000.

I am sure you will have no regrets after buying this earphone.

Build Quality. (10/10)

  • The earphone is very flexible. (you can keep the earphone in your pocket very easily.), due to the soft material, you will not feel any irritation in your neck.
  • The earphone looks great.
  •  This earphone is water-resistant.
  • The earphone comes with a magnetic bearing.
  • When you bring them too close they attach to each other and music stops and vice versa.
  • Build quality is good, i.e earphones will be durable.
  • Plastic is very soft.
  • The weight of this earphone is very less so you can wear this earphone for a long time without any discomfort.


  • The charge for 10 minutes enjoy music for 10 hours, this line in itself tells how good the battery life of this wireless earphone is.
  • This Bluetooth device offers a battery time of 17 to 20 hours on a full charge.
  • You will not find better battery life than this device has in this price segment.

Sound Quality(9/10)

  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is really the Best Wireless Earphone Under 3000 and its vocals, trebles, lows, and high is very much balanced.
  • With a 9.2mm dynamic driver you will get to experience crystal clear sound with deep bass.
  • Every time you click the play button you will experience deep immersive sound.

Bluetooth or Connectivity (10/10)

  • With this earphone, we will get Bluetooth range up to 33ft(10m)
  • You will get Bluetooth version 5.0.


  • Best in class Wireless Bluetooth Earphone offers best in class sound quality.
  • Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z offers best-in-class bass.
  • Offers great sound quality with great bass as well as a great battery life of 17hours.


  • Doesn’t provide LDAC support. 

Note: OnePlus Bullets wireless Z has the best reviews on every platform hence you can buy this earphone.

And because I manually tested its sound quality i selected this earphone under Best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 for you.


This earphone is a total value for money earphone.

I don't know what oppo has done but 

Sound quality is much better than 3-4 times more priced wireless earphones.

This earphone comes with a feature of bass mode where you can increase or decrease bass.

If you hear music in less bass then you can decrease your bass.

If you hear music with more bass then you can increase bass.

Build Quality(9/10)

  • The earphone feels a very premium finish.
  • Oppo Enco M31 is the Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000 Build quality is really great.
  • Earphone weight is just light they are can be understood by fact that other earphones which we call lightweight have the weight of 30g.
  • The earphone can be easily bent into any shape and size.
  • The earphone has IPX5 water and sweat resistance making this earphone good sweat resistant.
  • Whenever you are caught in the rain or experiencing sweat because of heavy exercise your earphone will be safe from water.
  • Earphones have a plastic build but earbuds are made from rubber silicon.
  • One mark I have deducted because earphones come out of the ear(sometimes) in case of baby exercise.

Battery (8/10)

  • Charge for 10 minutes and enjoy music for 3 hours.
  • It takes 1 hour of time for this earphone to charge fully.
  • LDAC music mode enables you to hear lossless music where sound is crystal clear
  • The inbuilt battery is 88mAh but because a very optimized chipset is used by oppo so battery backup is good.
  • Music time (according to oppo) is 12Hr for SBC 50% Volume.
  • Music time(according to oppo) is 8Hr for LDAC music 50% volume.


I used these earphones for testing. I was able to hear music for almost 7 hours at 100% volume with LDAC ON.

  • When I tested earphones with SBC with 100% volume I was able to hear music for 8.5 hours.

Sound Quality(10/10)

  • About this earphone, it is rightly said that this earphone offers killer sound at a criminal price.
  • I don't know what oppo has done but the Sound Quality of these earphones is better than 3-4 times more costly earphone.
  • These earphones come with the option of increasing or decreasing the bass. you can increase or decrease as per your requirement.
  • Sound separation is very good.
  • Bass is perfect. 
  • Mid and high frequency is clear other earphone does not have so clear mids and high frequencies.
  • These earphone have the best sound quality in their price segment.

Bluetooth and Connectivity(9/10)

  • Comes with LDAC support.
  • Comes with Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • Bluetooth connectivity distance is 8-12m.


  • Oppo Enco M31 wireless Bluetooth earphone has the best sound quality.
  • The sound quality of the Oppo Enco M31 is better than 2-3 times more priced wireless Bluetooth earphone.
  • Provides LDAC support with LDAC support your music experience will go to another level.
  • Battery life is up to 8 hours with LDAC support on a 50% battery which is quite good.


  • For small ears, earphones might feel uncomfortable.

Note: if you are a true music lover then after experiencing music from Oppo Enco M31 you will get to know, what true music is?

After experiencing true music from Oppo Enco M31 you will get to know why I selected this earphone in my list of Best Wireless Earphone Under 3000.


Boat rocker 335 is in the top 5 list of  best Bluetooth earphones in India since,

These earphones have the best calling experience in their price segment.

Comes with IPX5 sweat and water resistance.

Build Quality and Design (9/10)

  • Material is soft and can be bent easily.
  • Neckband rubber is soft(a little hard) and made of silicon.
  • Both the modules are made of metals so you need not worry about the breakage of an earphone.
  • Wire’s quality is very solid.
  • Wire length is not that much making it comfortable to use.
  • The overall weight of this neckband is 32g.
  • Eartips quality is cheap.

Sound Quality(9/10)

  • Supports call noise isolation.
  • Latency(action is taken and voice coming after some time) is there when used for gaming.
  • The boat neckband has a 10mm, dynamic driver.
  • Indian users like heavy bass and loud noise if you are one of those then you will surely like the sound quality and this wireless Bluetooth earphone is best for you.

Battery (10/10)

  • This Bluetooth wireless neckband gives a battery backup of 30Hr.
  • You will have to charge this neckband only 1 time and enjoy music for 1 full week.

Bluetooth and Connectivity (9/10)

  • Bluetooth version 5.0 available(latest)
  • No connection problem comes While hearing music or calling (I have used and tested personally)
  • Power on / off is not there when you connect two drivers of earphones.


  • The battery is great.
  • Sound clarity better than WI C400.


  • Buttons are placed in the reverse order you need to push on the upper part to decrease volume and the lower part to increase volume, which is very much annoying

Latency is noticed, i.e. while playing games video bullets are fired and after some seconds the sound of a bullet firing comes to our ears.


You must be thinking why Realme Buds Wireless Pro is coming under Best Bluetooth earphone under 3000??

It's because all other earphones in this list come with passive noise cancellation i.e it excludes outer noises.

While this earphone comes with active noise cancellation.

I.e. it not only excludes outer noise but also cancels them.

If you want to disconnect from the outer world with active noise cancellation and enjoy top-notch sound quality then this earphone is for you.

Realme Buds Wireless Pro comes with gaming mode due to which audio delay in wireless earphone is eliminated.

So if you want to buy earphones with each and every feature of top-notch quality and you are willing to pay a little bit more price then this earphone is for you.

In this price range, nobody in the tech industry is giving us an active noise cancellation feature with realme Buds Wireless Pro is giving.

If you want to know more why this earphone is selected for Best wireless earphones under 3000 price range then read below-given points.

Build Quality(9/10)

  • The earphone is made of rubber and the button side is metallic.
  • Buttons are improved from the previous version.
  • The fitting is very good.
  • The earphone is very much comfortable.
  • Material is premium quality.
  • After testing realme wireless pro for  6 hours,I came to know that at comfort level this earphone is not very good.
  • Realme wireless pro neckband weight is about 33g.


  • I have personally tested the battery,

battery life after active noise cancellation on is 12 hours,

with 75% volume.

  • I have also done 5 minutes charging test and after 5 minutes of charging,

You can use realme wireless pro for 1 hour 10 minutes with active noise cancellation on.

  • Realme claims to have a battery life of 22 hours which is much more than what I have tested about 12 hours real battery life, which is also good.

Sound Quality(9.5/10)

  • The call quality of this earphone is too good after testing I am telling you this.
  • Noise cancellation feel is very impressive, this I am telling you after testing this neckband.
  • This earphone is bass boasted earphone, bass of this earphone is very stunning.
  • Realme has done very good work on the distortion level of this earphone.
  • Realme has included volume enhancer functionality, 

through which bass does not overhype lyrics and lyrics becomes very clear

  • But full volume very little distortion is seen.
  • Its 13.6mm dynamic driver helps you experience deeper and booming bass in this neckband.

Bluetooth and Connectivity (10/10)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 available.
  • Connection is fast.


  • Realme Buds Wireless Pro is the only neckband that provides active noise cancellation in this price range.
  • Sound quality is best in class.
  • Realme Buds wireless pro comes with transparency mode(where you can hear surrounding sound easily).
  • Realme Buds wireless pro Bluetooth earphone comes with noise cancellation mode.


  • The price is a little high.
  • Sound quality almost equal to or little less than Oppo Enco M31.



neckband has come up with some great feature which no other noise headphones company is offering.

The best thing about this wireless Bluetooth earphone is its current price, launch price of this neckband was Rs3,999. 

This neckband comes with metal mesh that makes it unique to others.

Build Quality(9/10)

  • This noise headphone is very lightweight.
  •  its weight is only 35g. that’s Making this earphone very comfortable.
  • The quality of this neckband is great.
  •  when you put its glossy metallic finish in your hand it feels very premium.
  • While if you reattach these earbuds from each other music automatically starts to play.
  • These noise earbuds are tangle-free just attach earbuds to each other.

Bluetooth or Connectivity (10/10)

  • The company claims that a battery backup of 35 hours.
  • It will get 2 days of music playtime after one full charge.
  • this device offers 8hours of playtime after charging for just 8minutes.
  • Noise flair earphones come with ultrafast charging.

Sound Quality(9/10)

  • This noise flair neckband comes with a 10mm driver
  • which makes the sound quality of this neckband actually feel good.
  • It's Bass is good.
  • Lows and highs are great but mids are quite low.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 with instant connectivity.
  • IPX5 water resistivity.
  • Very lightweight just 35g.
  • Environmental noise cancellation.
  • 8 hours of playtime on charge for just 8 minutes.
  • Dual mic system.
  • Magnetic power controls-Magnetic earbud when separated or attached act as a magnetic switch.
  • Call vibration alert.
  • Great sound quality.


  • you cannot control volume with a touch sensor.

How to buy the Best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 like an expert (Buying Guide in 2021)

Best Bluetooth earphones in India must be bought after checking the following things-

  1. Buy only branded earphones /headphones,I have seen some people became deaf by using unbranded earphones /headphones(generic).

It might be a little bit costly but your ears are more important than some cost.

  1. Wireless earphones/headphones must have LDAC support (enhances voice quality greatly)and Bluetooth 5.0(for fast Bluetooth connection).
  1. Greater driver size greater is music quality, keep in mind of driver size.
  1. Whenever you buy wireless earphones keep in mind that wireless earphones consist of a battery, charger, driver, Bluetooth, and many other things.

And good battery itself does not come less than 500 so how can you expect good wireless earphones less than 500 hence our budget must be more than Rs1000 in case of wireless Bluetooth earphone(neckband or tws).

There are two types of driver:-

  1.  Neodymium Driver-  if you like a song with a rattling sound (chan voice) then go for Neodymium Driver.
  1. Dynamic Driver- if you like bass and boom boom sound, or rap song then go for a dynamic driver.

You must check which kind of music you like accordingly check your driver hence you can easily buy Best Bluetooth earphones in India of your choice.

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